The developers of Jaikoz, a Java MP3 tag editor mailed be yesterday to say that their latest release is now live on their site. I'm mentioning this because Jaikoz bundles my MusicBrainz API for doing metadata lookups using MusicBrainz. Jaikoz is payware although there's a free trial available. I should note that I'm not getting … Continue reading Jaikoz

How to make RDF and JSP place nicely together?

Via Gavin (via the chumpologica): An application architecture that should yield superior productivity. Interesting stuff. I've been pondering something similar myself, mainly because I have a slice of an application I'm working on that I want to replace with an RDF data model and storage. To achieve this successfully I need to make sure that … Continue reading How to make RDF and JSP place nicely together?


Via Cafe con Leche I notice that Saxon 7.9 has been released. The interesting thing is that Mike Kay has founded Saxonica Limited which will offer professional services and additional modules, including a schema-aware processor as a commercial offering. I've used Saxon for a long time now. It's my XSLT processor of choice. I've never … Continue reading SAXON