MusicBrainz Java API beta-2

I’ve just uploaded beta-2 of my Java API to MusicBrainz RDF web service.
The API is Creative Commons licensed and is built around the Jena 2 Semantic Web toolkit.
The API provides raw access to the RDF returned from the service, but also a simple JavaBean layer for developers wanting a simpler interface to the data. You can read the Javadoc and view the changes since the last beta; these mainly consist of some bug fixes and support for a few new properties (including Amazon ASINs).
The API doesn’t aim to mimic everything in the C/C++ API, e.g. track id calculation or submission, it’s merely a read-only version suitable for embedding in Java applications.
I’ve included a trivial demo in this release: a simple command-line application that reads in a list of album names, looks them up in the service and aggregates the basic metadata into a new RDF document which is dumped to the console.