Looking at XMP

I've been taking a look at XMP as I've been considering different ways to "enrich" content. Embedding metadata is one option and XMP aims to fulfill the role of a metadata format suitable for embedding in a diverse range of media formats. It's also under discussion as way to embed metadata in the OpenDocument format. … Continue reading Looking at XMP

Florescu: Re-evaluating the Big Picture

Ken North just posted this email to XML-DEV drawing attention to a presentation by Daniela Florescu titled Declarative XML Processing with XQuery -- Re-evaluating the Big Picture (Warning: PDF). It makes for interesting reading. In the presentation, Florescu argues that XML is in a growth crisis and that there's a need for more architectural work … Continue reading Florescu: Re-evaluating the Big Picture

XTech Day Three

Belatedly (I only got back from Amsterdam last Monday), here are some notes from XTech Day 3. On the Friday morning I initially attended two talks about RDF frameworks, firstly Dave Beckett's Bootstrapping RDF applications with Redland and then David Wood's introduction to Kowari: A Platform for Semantic Web Storage and Analysis. I've not really … Continue reading XTech Day Three