(Java) Hosting Recommendation

Waaaay back in June I asked if anyone had any recommendations for where to host some Java applications. I also promised the publish the list of recommendations I had, so here I am.
In typical “comparison shopping crisis” mode its taken me ages to deliberate about where to move my kit. So I’ve only just completed the intended move.
The original list of recommendations I had was:

I was also pointed at a JavaLobby discussion which has some additional recommendations.
The two places that had the most votes were Kattare and RimuHosting. I also considered Bytemark. RimuHosting seemed to have the best overall word of mouth, particularly on their customer support. The folk I contacted there were friendly and willing to setup the server to any specification I wanted. They also offer a small discount for folk hosting open source software.
I signed up to one of the RimuHosting MiroVPS plans a few weeks ago, and have been very happy with the decision so far. The site has good documentation and I’ve been able to follow their guidelines and handy scripts for getting the environment set-up how I want it. So far everything has Just Worked, which is great. They get my recommendation.