Entity Management in XML applications

I'm very pleased to say that my latest tutorial for IBM developerWorks is now up on their site: Enity Management in XML applications It covers the XML catalog specification and using the Apache XML Resolver classes to add catalog support to your XML applications. Why would you do that? Read the tutorial and find out...


Thanks to Danny this morning I came across RDFX, an RDF plugin for Eclipse. The howto document includes some interesting screenshots, based around exploring a FOAF document. To install the plugin I found that I had to follow a few different steps (I'm currently using an Eclipse 3.0.0 integration build; 200309100800 to be precise) that … Continue reading RDFX

The JBoss Documentation Project. Why Doesn’t It Exist?

Has anyone considered starting a collaborative, open source JBoss documentation project? The current JBoss documentation is out of date. Even the "for fee" documentation is lagging behind the current release which is a pretty poor state of affairs anyway, but for a company thats trying to make money out of an open source project it … Continue reading The JBoss Documentation Project. Why Doesn’t It Exist?

Ant Fan

Ant is rapidly becoming my favourite Java and XML processing tool. It features heavily in my next tutorial for IBM developerWorks (working title "Code Generation using XSLT") which describes how to use XSLT as a code generation tool using an Ant based build framework. Basically using Ant + Jalopy takes all the hard work out … Continue reading Ant Fan