The multiverse in which we play

If the Many Worlds hypothesis is true then we are living in a multiverse of parallel realities and alternate histories. Everything that could have happened did happen. At least somewhere. There are different views of how these parallel universes might differ from one another, forming complete taxonomies of universe types. It's interesting to consider what kind of … Continue reading The multiverse in which we play

Second Screens, Asymmetric Gaming and the New Multiplayer

The Second Screen concept has been with us for a while but interestingly the idea still seems to be largely associated with TV. And largely as a means of adding a social dimension to the on-screen events. But there are many ways in which a second screen could potentially enrich other forms of media. Whether its via … Continue reading Second Screens, Asymmetric Gaming and the New Multiplayer

Lost: The Game

Watching the latest episode of Lost last night I started wonder whether anyone had already seized on the idea of turning it into a game. Maybe it's a little close to the bone given current events, but helping survivors build a working community after a plane crash or shipwreck seems like an interesting spin on … Continue reading Lost: The Game