How to make RDF and JSP place nicely together?

Via Gavin (via the chumpologica): An application architecture that should yield superior productivity.
Interesting stuff. I’ve been pondering something similar myself, mainly because I have a slice of an application I’m working on that I want to replace with an RDF data model and storage. To achieve this successfully I need to make sure that the data nicely dovetails with the JSP 2.0/JSTL templating environment we’ve built on top. However I don’t want to model everything as objects if I can help it, because by doing so I’m going to sacrifice some of the flexibility I gain from using RDF.
Ideally I want to gut the current Data Access Objects and replace them with node that navigates the underlying RDF graph, perhaps using an RDF query language, and then return a subset of that graph in a form that suitable for traversing with JSTL. There’s not a great deal of business logic in that slice of the application so there’s little else to change.
I had been wondering whether the technique used in RDF Twig could be generalized to creation of simple object hierarchies (Lists and Maps). Rx4RDF might be another useful place to mine for ideas.
Suggestions for other useful APIs to techniques to explore will be gratefully received.
btw, if you find that you start extending your object model to allow arbitrary property annotation, and some of those properties are actually pointers to other objects in your graph, then that’s probably a sign that you may be better off using an RDF based model. And possibly Python too but I’ve not explored that angle yet.

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