Trackbacks Off

I’ve disabled trackbacks in this blog, and kicked the MT cgi script into a corner to make it harder to find. I finally got sick of deleting trackback spam. So if you want to comment, please just shout. Or drop me an email. Or just link to me, as I’ve got a “links to me” search set up on which seems to me a lot less hassle to maintain and monitor.
Now to delete the 2500 bits of filth that has accumulated since my last trackback purge.

The fruit of our labours

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The fruit of our labours

The fruit of our labours,
originally uploaded by ldodds.

Testing out the Flickr photo blogging feature. Thought I’d show off the massive crop of raspberries and tayberries we picked this weekend, after I’d finished landscaping the new patio. Good to get out and do something non-geeky for a change.
The kids enjoyed the fruit picking, and I’m looking forward until the blackberries ripen. Shouldn’t be too long now. Raspberry based recipes greatly received!

Blog Changes

Just some notes on a few changes I’ve made to my blog setup.
Firstly I’ve added the Make Poverty History white band to the home page. Obviously not visible if you’re reading this in a browser but its a cause I do believe in, so why not go and click that link and find out how you can get involved?
Secondly, a while ago I altered my MT templates to spit out a scutterplan for my blog, which is now seeAlso‘d from my FOAF description. You can see it here. Pretty basic to start with, just a few FOAF and DC terms.
Thirdly, and you’ll have already noticed this, I changed my RSS 1.0 feed to include full postings. This was at user request, but was something I’ve been intending to do for a while. I much prefer being able to read full postings in my aggregator.
Lastly, I’ve been playing a bit with Feedburner. I was interested to see what facilities they offer for managing and tweaking RSS feeds. The interface is pretty slick and they’re offering some statistics on feed usage. I guess they have some relationship with the guys at Bloglines because now that I have a Feedburner version of my feed, when I click my “subscribe with Bloglines” bookmarklet, its the that version, not the one linked from my blog thats offered up my Bloglines. Presumably this has already caused endless debates elsewhere in the blogosphere. I don’t think I’m very happy about it as if there’s a “sanctioned” version of my RSS output I’ll link to it, thanks very much.
Frankly though the Feedburner features, while pretty inclusive, are not enough for me. I’d like the ability to splice together any number of feeds, not just those from a couple of services. E.g. my Feedburner feed includes my flickr photos and links. But what about my recent listening feed from Audioscrobbler? After signing up I wrote some code to do this, turned out to be a few lines using Informa. I’ll publish that as an example/service when I get time.
I am interested to find out more about how FeedBurner are capturing statistics. IMO, monitoring RSS feed usage is the next big issue (if its not already). More on that in another post.