Honey, I Geeked The Kids

Recent conversation at the Dodds Family Residence:
Martha (who is three): Mummy, I want to go to the hair dresser
Debs: OK
Martha: I want to have the straggly bits cut so I look more like a Jedi
Debs (to me): What have you done to my kids?!

I don’t think its entirely my fault, but the kids have turned into complete Star Wars addicts recently. They’re both imaginative and love role-playing. For example we spent most of November and December playing Scooby Doo for example (Ethan is Scooby and Martha likes to be Daphne).
I’ve not let them watch the Star Wars films as they’re too young obviously. But I did get Lego Star Wars for the Playstation over Christmas, and have played it co-op with Ethan. With Martha watching. I’d highly recommend the game, btw. Its a very good game and well paced for younger players.
Using that uncanny ability of kids to hoover up everything they’re exposed to they now both know all of the character names. So instead of sneaking around pretending to be Scooby and the Gang, Chez Dodds is now routinely the home of various Jedi battles with Ethan being Obi Wan Kenobi (and occasionally Darth Maul), and Martha being Padme or Queen Amidala. Or maybe invading Naboo or something.
Except that is when Martha wants to be a Jedi in which case she wants to be Qui-Gon Jinn. Its the long hair that does it.
So, yeah, I geeked the kids. Didn’t mean to though!/
(Thought I’d share that one after reading Joe Gregorio’s posting)