Speaking Gigs

I’ve got several speaking gigs lined up over the next few months which I thought I’d jot down here.
The one that’s probably of most general interest to readers of this blog, and the one I’m currently most excited about, is a talk I’m giving at XTech WebDev. Titled “REST for the Wicked” I’m going to be preaching the REST religion straight from scripture and the bible of HTTP and hope to lead a mass repentance for sins against web architecture.
Well, actually it’ll be nothing of the sort, what I’m aiming for is a straight-forward pragmatic overview of REST, reviewing what it is (and isn’t), how one designs RESTful applications and the benefits of that acrue as a result. I also want to generally spread the love for HTTP. Registration is open now, so get your name down. I’m privileged to be talking alongside some great speakers, so its going to be a great day.
In November along with my co-speakers I’ll be involved in a reprise of a recent event I took part in for ALPSP. The original event was extremely well received, so we were invited to give the talks again for those who couldn’t make it the first time around.
And then in December I’ve agreed to speak at an STM Innovations seminar (information, Word document). The line-up isn’t completely official yet, but I’m giving a talk under the draft title “The Connection Machine” where I’ll be looking at how the open data web — Web 2.0, Semantic Web, call it what you will — is evolving the web as a hypertext system, and how that is relevant to scientific, technical and medical publishers. Hopefully this isn’t complete hubris considering the identity of the key note speaker.
Beyond that I don’t currently have other speaking gigs planned until next year., although there’s plenty of writing to be done. In April I’ll have the honour of chairing the International Scholarly Communications conference. More on that closer to the time.