Patterns of Intermediation Continued

Continuing yesterdays theme and after a quick bout of structured procrastination, I give you a first working draft: Patterns of Intermediation. Little more than a shell-document, but I've included some named patterns to get the ball rolling. I'm intending to evolve the descriptions, provide examples, etc so that the patterns conform basically to the Portland … Continue reading Patterns of Intermediation Continued

WITW Feedback

Starting here Norm Walsh is blogging the development of his "Where in the World?" (WITW) web service. The laudable goal being to explore web services architecture and design issues by actually building something, and seeking feedback along the way. Excellent stuff! Elsewhere David Megginson is prompting similar discussion by posing a number of REST design … Continue reading WITW Feedback


I've been doing some playing with a neat tool called URLinfo. It's a simple form and customizable bookmarklet that allows you to reflect on a given URL to discover all sorts of interesting information, which ranges from related links, validators, bookmarks, and blog backlinks. You can even carry out some basic textual analysis on … Continue reading URLinfo

The Info URI Scheme, Why?

I've been skimming through the info URI scheme RFC. From the Cover Pages we learn that the scheme "was developed within the library and publishing communities to expedite the referencing by URIs of information assets that have identifiers in public namespaces but have no representation within the URI allocation.". We also learn that "The motivation … Continue reading The Info URI Scheme, Why?