I’ve been doing some playing with a neat tool called URLinfo. It’s a simple form and customizable bookmarklet that allows you to reflect on a given URL to discover all sorts of interesting information, which ranges from related links, validators, del.icio.us bookmarks, and blog backlinks. You can even carry out some basic textual analysis on the page.
The tool does this by delegating the actual hard work to a number of other existing services. So even if you don’t find URLinfo useful in itself, it provides a nicely categorized list of other useful web tools.
Which makes me wonder: which of the other services have XML/RSS/RDF export options, and how easy would it be to aggregate the output to create higher level services?
For example URLinfo links to nine different blog aggregator/search engines that provide a “backlinks from this URL” feature. Would be nice to have a single view across all those services, but for now URLinfo is a nice start.
The only service I can see missing is FOAF Explorer. I’ve mailed in a suggestion to incorporate this and other FOAF tools.

3 thoughts on “URLinfo

  1. >delegating the actual hard
    Well I would say that creating URLinfo (and continuing to develop it) hasn’t been hard work đŸ™‚
    >which of the other services have XML/RSS/RDF export options
    this is in my plans, but don’t expect it soon at all
    As I e-mailed you about earlier, URLinfo does have some FOAF support right now, but it’s an implicit feature. More will come eventually.

  2. Hi Michael,
    Didn’t mean to suggest that you hadn’t spent a lot of time on URLinfo — as I said it’s a great tool!
    Excellent news on the FOAF support.

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