More Intermediary Patterns

Prompted by some contributions from Mark Pilgrim, I’ve just made another quick update to the intermediary patterns.
This expands on the number of Data patterns to include Page Context Reader and External Context Reader and the Action patterns to include Restyler, Blocker, and Rearranger.
Ryan Shaw is also looking at documenting his Greasemonkey script amazon2melvyl
using the patterns which is excellent. To help this I’ve clarified the Screen Scraper and Semantic Markup Reader patterns and also added the Link Scanner pattern. Scripts that search the current page for links seems a fairly common activity.
In Jon Udell’s latest screencast: Content, services, and the yin-yang of intermediation you can see both the URL Parser and Link Scanner patterns in action. He demonstrates his Library Lookup Bookmarklet, which is a Button Press(*) URL Parser that generates a form. Udell also demonstrates the Library Lookup service as a Greasemonkey script, this is an example of an Event Driven Link Scanner which drops links into the page.
(*) Not happy with that name, can anyone suggest a better one?