RESTful Service Descriptions

Continuing his web services experiments, Norm Walsh has apparently been defeated by the complexity of WSDL. Can’t say that I blame him not giving up; the fewer moving parts is one of the reasons I like REST so much, there’s less chance for APIs to get in the way.
I agree with Norm that some kind of web services description language is required and also that it can be less complicated that WSDL. I’ve been hoping that this is something that the REST community could bootstrap.
There’s been work in this area already, e.g. Paul Prescod’s Web Resource Description
and Mark Baker’s RDF Forms. There was also this related thread on rest-discuss recently.
It’d be nice to see some of these proposals picked up and be refined and implemented. There seems to be agreement that there’s an need for further work and specification in this area. Would be another nail in the coffin for the WS-* stack too.

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