Twinkle 0.3

I’ve just uploaded the latest version of Twinkle: a SPARQL query tool. The project now has its own homepage and DOAP description.
Version 0.3 of Twinkle basically just brings the tool up to date with the latest SPARQL syntax by moving to ARQ 0.9.5.
I also added a few UI niceties such as icons, tooltips, etc. There’s also an additional output option which formats the results into a table. This is in addition to the original output formats: text, SPARQL Query format, and Turtle.
There’s also an examples directory included in the distribution with a few queries to get you started. These are basically just updated versions of my Sample Sparql Queries. I’ll post them somewhere visible as soon as I get chance.
Feedback very welcome. I’ve got a TODO list of possible featues mapped out, but suggestions greatly received.

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  1. Twinkle 0.3

    Leigh’s done another release of his new SPARQL query tool Twinkle, and very useful it looks too.
    While I wait for download, quick encouragement for a feature I think already on the to-do list: It would be convenient for the kind of stuff I&#82…

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