GeoURL to GoogleMaps

Continuing yesterday’s hack here’s another stylesheet that converts RSS 1.0 annotated with geourl:latitude and geourl:longitude (e.g. geourl feeds) to the Google Maps format.
I added a form you can use to generate links similar to this one which shows bloggers in my area. Looks like I can shout out the window to contact some of them!

2 thoughts on “GeoURL to GoogleMaps

  1. GeoURL meets Google Maps

    Leigh Dodds made a super neat GeoURL to Google Maps converter using the RSS feeds. Thanks Leigh, that’s awesome! 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions for the lat/long coding in the RSS feeds by the way. I’ll add some of the…

  2. Map geocoded RSS to Google Maps

    As a result of weekend hack with the new Google Maps API, I created a tool to Map geocoded RSS to Google Maps. It fetches geourl: geocoded RSS feed and maps items in the feed onto Google Maps. It turns

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