Apparently there’s a recognised stage that children go through during the development of their language skills in which they start to experiment with syntax and grammar. Basically they make up their own words based on the grammar rules that they’ve absorbed.
Ethan came up with a good one recently: “funnin”, meaning “having fun”, e.g:

“Where did you go today Ethan?”
“Went funnin in the park”

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it’s actually in the Urban slang Dictionary. So now I’m waiting for:

“What are you doing Ethan?”
“I’m having a crazy ass time with nanny!”

It’s amazing how kids just absorb words. I came home the other day, and Debs told me that Ethan has been riding around on his Thomas the Tank Engine scoot-along, pretending to go shopping for “tek-noh-low-gee”. That’s m’boy!

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