BBC Archives Going Online?

Excited to see this piece:
Dyke to open up BBC archive
It’d be great to be able to access archives of the BBC’s output online, especially if its reasonable quality. Who needs a Tivo?!
I hread rumours that the BBC’s archives are in a hopeless mess, so I wonder how long it’ll take them to get it all online, and how much it’ll cost.
Raises some interesting questions about licence fees as well, as presumably the content will be available to anyone on the web. Personally I don’t mind sponsoring the BBC to do this, but I’m not sure everyone else will.
All sorts of interesting possibilities spring up if the material is freely available, including collaborative annotation, categorisation, reviews, etc. Lets hope they make it available within as clue-ful an environment as possible.

3 thoughts on “BBC Archives Going Online?

  1. Hey listen
    if you could tell me how soon the archives are coming online, I would be most grateful.
    If you find the time, could you please possibly email me with a notification of when they (the archives) do come online?
    Thank you for your time, effort and perseverance,

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