Dynamic Languages and Linking

Ted Leung points to some interesting comments from Jon Udell and Don Box about Dynamic languages, virtual machines, information clients, and more.
This is related to some musings of my own, which, as you can see from the stream of consciousness style of the Wiki page, may not be coherently expressed at the moment, but at least I’ve started to write them down.
The basic premise is “The web is an open world model, yet the majority of our applications assume they’re interacting with a closed world model (a single file or database), how do we rectify that, and what advantages might that bring?”.
The relationship between this, and the comments that Leung points to, is that both end up converging on application design. Choosing the correct language substrate is one design decision. After all you don’t want to be fighting the language all the way. But I think highlighting the closed/open world model distinctions can lead to application improvements whatever the language.

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