Ultrasound Scan Photos

Thought I’d share these photos with the world as I’m feeling pretty proud at the moment. We’ve just come back from the 20 week ultrasound scan of our new baby.
The good news is that everything seems perfectly normal!

In this photo you can see the babies face. Or rather I should say her face!

This is more of a profile shot, although the baby wasn’t co-operating by being in a easily photographed position. In fact we had to get scanned twice, with a brief break for a walk around in the hope of jostling the baby into a new position, to allow the nurse could perform all the required measurements and checks.

This last one is of the babies foot:

I can’t express how cool it is to see your baby in the womb like this. In the course of checks we got to sit and watch the babies heart beat for a while. You could see all four chambers pumping. Magical.

9 thoughts on “Ultrasound Scan Photos

  1. Well I bet your gutted that its going to be a little girl as Noddy is no longer a viable name really! πŸ˜‰
    Congratulations folks! πŸ˜€

  2. congrats…………..my wife is preparing 4 her 2nd scan as well………..hope u have a healthy lil girl…..

  3. I’m 19 wks now,my boyfriend and i can’t wait to go for our 20 wk scan,great pics and good luck.

  4. it looks just like my 20 wk scan and i’ve been told that it’s going to be a baby girl! i’m due on january 4th my boyfriend and i can’t wait we’re really excited!!
    good luck and congratulations,
    gemma, coventry

  5. She looks lovely. I too am having a baby girl(27 weeks at moment). We’ve already got a little boy, aged 9, so we’re even more happy. Just hope they had a really good look to check it is a girl. If it’s not, I’ll have loads of beautiful pink clothes clogging up my wardrobe!
    Good luck.

  6. great pictures i loved my 20 week scan i seen the baby having a drink its amazing i am 31 weeks and wish i was having a nother scan but hey the next time i see my baby will be in the flesh. good luck with the new chick pea enjoy the peace for now.

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