Refer a Friend to FOAF-a-Matic

Norm Walsh emailed me to note that the “refer a friend” link from the FOAF-a-Matic is broken. D’oh!
It’s pretty simple, so thought I’d jot it down here.
Basically the javascript code will read three additional parameters in the URL:

  • name — your full name
  • email — your email
  • seealso — location of your FOAF file

Obviously the values of all of these need to be URL encoded. Here’s an example:
If you then give someone a link to the FOAF-a-Matic with those parameters, it’ll fill you in as their first friend and their FOAF file will automatically have a link to yours. This is a quick way to get your friends into the FOAF network without them having to hand edit their FOAF too much.
btw, planning to revive Mark 2 shortly once the next version of the Jena API settles down.