Lunch Hour Game

Our daily office random lunch hour discussion veered into the topic of reality TV today, namely: what new shows could we make up? Come on, you’ve all done it!
Here are my contributions:
1950’s Wife Swap: Like Wife Swap except your exchange spouse with a family from the 1950s. Hilarity ensues. Note: idea slightly limited by need for time travel and/or availability of character actors.
Ready, Steady, Survive!: Ray Mears takes a number of well-known cooks into the wilderness and then presents them with 5 random ingredients harvested from Nature. The winner is the chef to make the best dish out of the available bush tucker.
Habitat Swap: Presented by David Attenborough and Davina McCall this show selects two animals and forces them to swap habitats for a week. The viewers get to follow the travails of the beasts as they attempt to evolve within a week. The winner is presented with a wildlife preservation order. First guests are a red ant and a black ant.
Call Yourself a Pharoah?: Sarah Beeny presents this show following the efforts of several tyrants to construct massive monuments and/or tombs using a thousand slaves each. Beeney provides constructive advice on managing a large scale project, e.g. transportation of massive stone blocks, costing the plaster work required for a pyramid, etc.
Any better than that?

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