foaf:OnlineAccount Generator

Phil Wilson is also thinking about how to subscribe to someone’s brain.
Phil has hacked his aggregator to attempt to discover as many RSS feeds as possible starting from autodiscovery of someone’s FOAF description. Nice work. It’s also closer to the original lazyweb request as its applying some rules to try and find additional data not necessarily linked from the original FOAF description.
Phil writes that:

What’s really needed is a quick and simple form for people to either create a new FOAF file with their online account details in it, or which will accept a FOAF URL as well, and merge the details in…

I’d add this to the FOAF-a-Matic but have been wary about extending it due to the need to chase down all the different translations. So for now, here’s the results of todays lunchtime hack: FOAF Online Account Description Generator. Which is a long name for a very hacky JSP page and worse HTML form.
Anyway, the idea is that you fill in the location of your FOAF file, sha1sum (for smushing) and a bunch of usernames. Click the button and it generates simple metadata connecting you to each service, including links to RSS channels where these can be easily guessed from the username. Unfortunately this isn’t possible for all services, especially and Flickr that use some internal id in the links.
I’ll leave you with an example URL.
You can also pipe these URLs through yesterdays hack to generate an OPML file for importing.