I’ve been meaning to take a look at for a while now as my bookmarks have (once again) become unwieldy and have been increasingly frustrated about having stuff bookmarked “to read” at work but not at home.
Prompted by zool’s in RDF posting I decided to sign-up and have a play. My first impressions are that it’s really cool, and I’ve quickly decided to switch to using it as my main bookmark manager. You can see the few that I’ve added already.
I really like the fact that I can subscribe to particular topics and people using the RSS feeds provided. And any service that doesn’t appropriate my data, allowing me to export it in various ways gets a big thumbs up from me.
Incidentally if you want to point to your RSS feed from your FOAF description, then you can do so like this, being sure to amend the details where appropriate:

<foaf:Person rdf:nodeID="me">
<foaf:name>Leigh Dodds</foaf:name>
<rss:channel rdfs:about="">
<foaf:maker rdf:nodeID="me"/>

I’m currently debating building a local RDF store containing my bookmark related data, probably via zool’s RDF version of the API to pick up any additional context it exposes. In fact I can feel another mini-project looming already…
If you’ve not used yet then take a look. It’s tasty!

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  1. hi leigh!
    how effective do you find
    i’ve also been dreaming about an effective way to keep bookmarks, but recently i’ve come to 2 solutions that are working: mozilla bookmarks and my blog.
    none of them absolute, but first view on did not show me it as being better.
    interesting is my experience with mozilla – i use multizilla[] extension for tabbed browsing and happen to get a buch of tabs as a result of my browsing.
    then i use “bookmark this group of tabs” and save whole bunch of tab urls under something like “2004-02-24: Saved links – FOAF, allconsuming, etc.”. easy to find later – either by date or by context.

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