BloggerCon FOAF

Dave Winer has been suggesting that attendees to BloggerCon 2003 go and register on the BloggerCon blog roll
Seeing at the list of attendees is available in OPML and I’d already processed a similar format for MS Bloggers yesterday I thought that I’d do the same thing.
Here’s the stylesheet.
Deciding to go one better I sicked my FOAF spider on the list of blog URLs. He’s not a very clever spider and he’s not very fast but he does know about FOAF Autodiscovery so was able to find out for me whether any of these people already have a FOAF file. Where they have, this information has been merged in.
Here are the results.
I can set this up to run regularly if anyone is interested.
This data could be used to explore the social network of BloggerCon starting with the attendees and spreading outward. It would also be useful to harvest the FOAF data both before and afterward to examine what new links (foaf:knows) appear between people.

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