My life in code…

int leighsAge=30;
int doddsFamilySize=3; //me, debs and Ethan
Calendar octoberSeventh = Calendar.newInstance();
calendar.set(2003, 9, 7); //7th October 2003
if ( Calendar.newInstance().after(octoberSeventh) )

Which is a geeky way to say that today is my birthday, and that my wife and I are expecting another baby in early October.

3 thoughts on “Increments

  1. The variable names should be more generic, rather than dealing directly with YOUR family, and your magic numbers are dangerous! They should be abstracted to metadata!!!
    In all seriousness, happy birthday and future congratulations!

  2. Thanks Matt, much appreciated.
    Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make it to
    XML Europe this year, even though its pretty much
    “up the road” this year.
    It came down to a cheapie week away with the family or geekdom, and the family won!
    Hopefully there’ll be some opportunity (RDF/FOAF south-west mafia meetup?) to get together for a beer soon.

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