Final Spooky Uploaded

I’ve just uploaded the final version of Spooky which is a little language for describing project structures and their default contents.
Just tinkering really.

4 thoughts on “Final Spooky Uploaded

  1. Glad you like it. As I’ve noted previously, I’m interested in these kind of little languages, and Ant really is the perfect platform.
    I think there’s a lot more that could be done, not necessarily with Spooky, but with Ants facilities.
    My code gen tutorial should be on developerWorks soon, that includes an “Element Filter” language (rename, remove, wrap elements) implemented using XSLT.
    As Spooky demonstrates in a very small way, “code generation” will increasingly mean conversions between higher and lower level domain specific languages.

  2. The absolute paths in the input files?
    The intent was to generate the spooky-build file, execute that and…thats it. The generated build file (based on the java.xml or xslt.xml templates) don’t have any absolute paths, so you can move the _project_ directory structure around as you like.
    I guess if you want to re-run the generated Ant script that creates the project structure, then the absolute path might be a problem if you’ve moved the project for some reason. To be honest I hadn’t thought that anyone would do that.
    Or am I missing the point? 🙂

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