SPARQL Extension Function Survey Summary

This post contains the first set of results from my SPARQL extension survey. I've completed an initial survey of a number of different SPARQL processors to itemise the extension functions that each of them have implemented. This will be an ongoing activity as implementations evolve continually, but I thought it would be useful to summarise … Continue reading SPARQL Extension Function Survey Summary

DataIncubator: What Is It and What’s In It?

This article first appeared in Talis Nodalities magazine issue 8. The Linking Open Data project has had a huge amount of success in bootstrapping the burgeoning Linked Data cloud. There’s now a definite sense of momentum behind the project, and a growing number of organisations are now seriously investigating how their data could further enrich … Continue reading DataIncubator: What Is It and What’s In It?

Describing SPARQL Extension Functions

At the end of my recent post on Surveying and Classifying SPARQL Extensions I noted that I wanted to help encourage implementors to publish useful documentation about their SPARQL Extensions. If you're interested in the current state of that survey then you can check out my current spreadsheet listing known extension functions. There are more … Continue reading Describing SPARQL Extension Functions