Champernowne’s Constant

Whilst reading von Baeyers 'Information' recently, I came across the following fun mathematical tidbit which I thought was worth sharing. Mainly because I couldn't find many references to it elsewhere on the 'net. In the chapter on "Randomness", von Baeyer introduces several definitions of the term "random", iteratively showing how each is slightly flawed. Considering … Continue reading Champernowne’s Constant

Searching Small Worlds

Interesting "small world" article in New Scientist this week ("Know Thy Neighbour", January 17 2004, Mark Buchanan), this time discussing how people and information can be located within a small world network. The essay discusses Milgram's famous experiment in which he asked people to attempt to route a letter, via their contacts, to a given … Continue reading Searching Small Worlds

Who will write our electronic history?

This post was originally published as an article on the "Write The Web" blog. Ironically its no longer on the site, but there is a copy in the Wayback Machine. A major branch of current historical research involves collating biographical material on important figures of public interest in a particular period. Now imagine you're an … Continue reading Who will write our electronic history?