Lost: The Game

Watching the latest episode of Lost last night I started wonder whether anyone had already seized on the idea of turning it into a game.
Maybe it’s a little close to the bone given current events, but helping survivors build a working community after a plane crash or shipwreck seems like an interesting spin on the whole God Sim genre. Those kind of games revolve around basic puzzle solving and resource management.
Throw a means to write mods to alter the game play, add new elements, etc and you could quickly create the kind of bizarre and strange scenarios that we’re seeing crop up in Lost.
Kind of “The Sims get Lost” or “Post-Apocalyptic Civ”.

RDF Adventure Game

Liam Quinn wrote an adventure game using RDF (data). Found via the SWIG chump, and noted here so I can find it again in the future.
I was reminded of it after stumbling across Inform a design system for interactive fiction that’s been around since 1993.

Since its invention…Inform has been used to design some hundreds of works of interactive fiction, in eight languages…It accounts for around ten thousand postings per year to Internet newsgroups. Commercially, Inform has been used as a multimedia games prototyping tool. Academically, it has turned up in syllabuses and seminars from computer science to theoretical architecture…

This is exactly the sort of thing that could be a huge time sink for me. I used to spend vast amounts of time playing, designing and running role-playing games. No surprise there huh?!
Apparently Inform is based on a world model and accompanying rule system that deals with “rooms, items, vehicles, duplicates, containers, doors, things on top of other things, light and darkness, switching things on and off, opening, closing and locking things, looking up information in books, entering things, scoring and much more”.
I’ve always been a frustrated game designer, that’s why I used to spend a great deal of time on this project. Maybe there’s still time. Text based adventure gaming is still all the rage isn’t it?


Is it a sign of impending old age if you wake up one morning to discover that the latest Playstation game you’re addicted to is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003?
Surely there’s some mistake here? Shouldn’t I be rampaging the streets with GTA3, or stealthy infiltrating with Metal Gear Solid 2? Why has the fact that I can get up and make a cup of tea mid-game and not be either arrested or shot, become an influencing factor in my choice of game?!
And its not just me. Everyone I’ve played it with has gotten addicted too, even my wife. She’s on it as I type. I’ll stop now so I can go and wrestle the controls off her. St. Andrews beckons…