Canterbury Tales

The BBC have just started a series of modern adaptations of Chaucers Canterbury Tales. I’ve just finished watching the first of these, The Millers Tale, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Funny and bawdy; what more can you ask?
If, like me, you’ve never read the original poems then you may be interested to know that the Gutenberg project has the full text available complete with footnotes. Something different to read on my next train journey.

Book Of Pages

A few weeks ago the Dodds family joined Bath library (or re-joined in my case). Ethan loves reading so it was an opportunity to introduce him to the delights of the public library as well as an opportunity for Debs and I to save some money; if we enter Waterstones we buy books, end of story.
As we expected, Ethan loved it. The kiddies section is well-stocked, complete with giant teddy bear at the entrance and a big toy train inside which they can sit in. It’s carriages are loaded with books.
I love it too, especially as I’ve discovered that in the “teenagers” section they’ve got a bunch of graphic novels. Allows me to get my fix of comic book fun without incurring the financial overheads. So far I’ve read Superman: No Limits (pretty good), Clerks – The Comic Books (Hillarious), and The Book of Pages which is an absolute gem.

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(Not) Creating Apps with Mozilla

Having recently picked up a copy of Creating Applications with Mozilla on one of my occasional hit-and-run attacks on Amazon, I’ve been tinkering a bit with XUL to see how easy it is to build applications.
This is part of some ongoing tinkering I’ve been doing to look at ways to quickly prototype user interfaces. My immediate interest is to decide on a toolkit for building internal administration tools for work, but I’d like to try out creating client-side user interfaces for web applications/services in general.

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