Donate to the commons this holiday season

Holiday season is nearly upon us. Donating to a charity is an alternative form of gift giving that shows you care, whilst directing your money towards helping those that need it. There are a lot of great and deserving causes you can support, and I’m certainly not going to tell you where you should donate your money.

But I’ve been thinking about the various ways in which I can support projects that I care about. There are a lot of them as it turns out. And it occurred to me that I could ask friends and family who might want to buy me a gift to donate to them instead. It’ll save me getting me getting yet another scarf, pair of socks, or (shudder) a brutalised toblerone.

One topic I’m interested in, as regular readers will know, is how we can create a sustainable commons: open data, open source, etc. So here’s a list of relevant donation options. I’m sharing it here in case you might find it useful too.

Open Source

Open Content & Data

Open Science

Open Standards and Rights

This isn’t meant as an exhaustive list. It’s just the organisations that immediately came to mind. Leave a comment if you’d like to suggest an addition.