ARQ Updates

I hadn’t seen anyone blog this yet, but Andy Seaborne has released ARQ 2.0. Looks like Andy has been doing some internal restructuring on the code but the most interesting new feature is initial support for a draft SPARQL Update language.
And earlier today Vinaya Shastrakar posted to jena-dev to announce some custom extensions to ARQ that add support for COUNT and GROUP BY operators.
IMO, support for aggregate functions is the biggest shortcoming in SPARQL at the moment. Granted exploration of query optimization is sorely needed, but from a language design perspective I think thats the biggest missing piece.
Opinions differ over whether SPARQL should end up with all of the same functionality as SQL, but support for MIN, MAX, etc seem like pretty uncontroversial to me. As would support for other basic functions like string manipulation of returned values. Data manipulation functions will also help with “resampling” issues.