Birthday Snapshot #4


I see that last year I was fuming over the bad experience with the loft conversion. How little we have learnt! We’re currently contemplating an extension…Although based on current quotes it’ll be cheaper to wait until Ethan grows up and becomes a builder (his current favoured career) and can give his dad a good rate.
Speaking of the kids, they’re both little treasures. Alarmingly, Ethan starts school this coming September and Martha begins at nursery. Time seems to have flown by ridiculously fast over the last few years. I can’t believe we’ve got this major event looming already.
This year will be the last that school terms won’t become an issue when planning our holidays. So we’re trying to make the most of it and get plenty of trips in this year. Most recent was Legoland Windsor which was a lot of fun. Spent a fortune on new lego too, including two Lego robots I had as birthday presents off the kids.
Aside from half-heartedly planning the extension, I’ve been slowly catching up with various bits of DIY. I’ve had most enjoyment (read: success) getting the garden sorted. Another big project planned for this year.
The kids have a playhouse that the grandparents brought them as a joint Christmas present which is already getting plenty of use by the kids.
Hoping to get same massive crop of raspberries and blackberries as last year. Having a crack at growing some dahlias, and am determined to preserve a clematis from the ninja molluscs that inhabit my garden.
On the travel fron, the Big Chill tickets are booked once more, last year lived up to expectations. Thoroughly enjoyed Amsterdam and am looking forward to being there again for XTech in a few weeks. Enjoyed a very relaxing “mini-break” with the Stafford at the spectacular Windy Mundy Farm in March. And yes it was. Very. Didn’t see a Mundy though.


Work continues on more or less an even keel. Plenty of interesting stuff going on, even some Semantic Web work. How did that happen?! :).
I do have a suspicion I’m turning into a manager, despite efforts to the contrary for some time. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. Maybe I’ll just shave my head again to avoid pointy-hair growth.
Am very pleased that this year I’ve been able to get other members of the team out in front of the public, with Katie and Priya presenting at the Jena User Conference and XTech too. The new blog is pulling its weight too.
I think this year will be my busiest yet as I’m
out and about quite a bit. Another few trips coming up, as it looks like I’m off to Washington in June for a publishing conference and another speaking gig.

Current Obsessions

Hmmm. Right this second its “Lost”. Series 2 started last night with a 2 hour double-bill. I ended up watching that, and next weeks on E4. So after a several month drought I’ve consumed everything available, including much of the Hanso Foundation site (couple of areas I can’t access yet).
Other than that, mostly reading. Its a good antidote to spending time in front of the computer. Recently ran through a spate of Ken MacLeod and Umberto Eco. Am currently reading “The Island of the Day Before”.
Speaking of which I played with some Ruby code to do interesting things with book metadata. Ruby could easily become an obsession if I let it, but I’m trying to remain focused on a few projects that I want to get done first.
Oh, discovered I like the Artic Monkeys too. You know, that music the kids are into.
I’ll be listening to podcasts next…


Must write more. Disappointed with recent output, although initial SPARQL tutorial seemed to go down well. Am continually amazed, and pleasantly surprised that people are downloading stuff like Slug and Twinkle and actually finding them useful.
Have been reflecting that “Twinkle” wasn’t such a good name. “I’ve been playing with Leigh’s Twinkle”. How do you keep a straight face at that?
Note to self: try to grow-up by next year.
Random marital conversation from the last month:
Me: Smell my book
Debs: What?!
Me: Smell my book (*sniffs*) see, you can smell the new ink
Debs: No!
Me: Don’t you smell books? Haven’t you noticed that all books smell different?

Me: Why are you laughing?
Debs: Because you’re a freak!
Note to self: try to become less of a freak by next year.