Microformats and REST

Just noticed Danny’s posting about the new microformat-rest mailing list. I was going to start analysing this but see that Joe Gregorio has already done a good job.
I don’t think that microformats have much to add to REST as an architectural pattern. It certainly doesn’t merit subsetting its use with HTTP; that definitely is overreaching. Championing microformats, and vocabulary re-use in general, is a good thing though, as I’ve talked about before. I think there’s more mileage to be had in pursuing that angle, as well as hypermedia (the other neglected aspect of REST), than there is in subsetting the pattern.
If that doesn’t seem to be a useful approach, then one plea I’d make to the microformats communicate is that they come up with a name for this new architectural style, and actually relate it to REST in a more formal way. Just like Rohit Kare did with ARRESTED.
But I don’t think thats the actual goal. It feels more about trying to define some best practices for deploying RESTful web services. And that’s something I do agree with.