IngentaConnect RSS Feed Tweaks

I released a couple of tweaks to the IngentaConnect RSS feeds recently. The most notable addition being the inclusion of foaf:maker properties to associate authors with articles, and inclusion of authors as foaf:Person resources. I’ve added these alongside the existing dc:creator properties to ensure that Dublin Core aware aggregators can still do something useful with the extra metadata.
Unfortunately no IFPs yet, but they will be on the way once I’ve dredged up some more data from the backend systems. The tweaks also bring the RSS feeds more closely aligned with the data model for the new RDF repository.
I’m not yet aware of any feed readers that process FOAF, or PRISM for that matter. The updates were made at request of Bruce D’Arcus whose been using the data as a source for various experiments with next-gen citation managers.
If anyone else has any suggestions I’m happy to entertain them. Bug reports too!