RDF and Syntax

Two quotes from Dan Brickley:

Sometimes there are emergent properties of a set of sensible, well motivated decisions grounded in a whole load of subtle constraints.

From Why Is RDF The Way It Is?

…we should also stop looking over our shoulder at XML. RDF/XML is painful for XML developers because they find themselves lacking familiar tools when working with RDF.

This is not because of the particular charm of those tools, but because they exist. If the RDF programming environment were anywhere near as rich with tools as XML’s, this would not be such an issue. Developers are pragmatic, and will use what is available. If RDF tools feel less mature than XML tools, developers will naturally complain if their data formats force them to use only RDF tools.

…I’d much rather see folk work on RDF tools and APIs (how about a SPARQL engine in .js or PHP?) than this endless navelgazing on RDF’s XML syntax.

From Eve’n’more.
What he said.
Developers need a reason to learn new syntax (or languages). Build useful, cool stuff, and they’ll have a reason.