Abulafia Demo

The only real hypertext system I’ve worked with is the web. I’ve obviously used hypertext help and documentation browsers, but I’ve never really done any development within a proper hypertext environment.
I’m therefore always keen to see how richer hypertext linking capabilities can be built using web technologies. Bob DuCharme’s linking blog is always a good source of relevant discussion in that area. His one-To-Many linking demo is cool too.
I’m therefore glad to see that Geoff (after some nagging from yours truly!) has put up some screencasts of his old hypertext application, Abulafia.
If, like me, you’re a web weenie, then watch the screencasts and see whether it gets your creative juices flowing. The multi-headed, and conditional linking is particularly cool.
If you’re an old-hand hypertext user, then take a nostalgic trip down memory lane.