Came across DinnerBuzz after reading about it on You’re It: Yummier and Yummier.
OK, cool, this is somewhere I can collect my restaurant recommendations/reviews, perhaps more usefully than just tagged as Restaurant on del.icio.us.
So I go to add a review of the Orient Cafe in Oxford, and what do I get:

You’ve submitted a place that we’ve never heard of! We’re going to try to figure out why, and will publish your post soon.

I should add this one to my other recommendations: if you’re building a social content application that includes use of geographical data, then make sure that you’re aware of geography outside of the United States! At least 43 Places does (link via the pants people).
So another couple of silos in which I can place my microcontent.
Wonder how far until we reach the tipping point where its more cost effective and easier to build new social content sites, similar to these efforts, from data that’s already published, wild on the web, than growing a community from scratch.
Personally I don’t think we’re actually that far away.

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  2. Profile: DinnerBuzz

    Company: Dinnerbuzz
    Launched: June 2005
    What is it?
    Dinnerbuzz is a new service that allows users to provide feedback on restaurants, bars and coffee shops. It leverages user-provided metadata (including tagging) to allow others to easily find an…

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