Service Description Mailing List

If you’re interested in web service descriptions, and in particular RESTful service descriptions you should get yourself over to public-web-http-desc, a new W3C mailing list dedicated to precisely that topic.
From his introduction, Philippe Le Hegaret described the list as being …dedicated to discussion of Web description languages based on URI/IRI and HTTP, and aligned with the Web and REST Architecture. Unlike WSDL (Web Services Description Language), such languages are not targeted towards description of Web Services..
Le Hegaret’s posting includes some introductory pointers that round up a lot of the recent proposals in this space, including those from Bray, Cowan, Baker, Orchard, etc. This thread contains some other useful background.
The initial topic of discussion is the scope of the problem at hand, specifically: are we discussing a description language for XML services or any web service, regardless of representation formats? My vote is with the more inclusive option.
Definitely a space to watch if you’re interested in REST services.