Bath Local Heroes

So I read about the Tentacle Man, the Red Man, the Grey Lady and the Purple Man, and tried to find a picture of the much missed Bath Blue Man, but couldn’t find one. Anyone care to share?
His gimmick was to paint himself blue and stand immobile in an alcove next to the Roman Baths waiting for tourists to fling coins in his general direction. I actually preferred to see him idling in-between bouts of standing, still when he’d be enjoying a crafty roll-up. Many pretenders have tried to take his place (and his space come to think of it), but without success.
I did find this Local Heroes in Bath list though, which made me chuckle, especially entries like “Rolf Harris visits a bit”. I’m slightly dubious about the assertion that Michael Jackson lives in Bath though. I may have to trot into town at the weekend to see if I can see Cheggers on the High Street, Lionel Blair in Boots, or maybe Seal in Sainsburys.
I’m doing slightly better than the author who wrote:
“Lived there for 21 years. I’ve never clapped eyes on a celeb. If you’re a tourist p,raps you’re more likely to look”
…as I did once see Anthony Stuart Head on the train. He had a brace of teenager girls travelling with him who I could only assume were “Slayers in Training”.
Come to think of it, if you’re a Bath resident you’re perhaps more likely to spend your time tripping over tourists and forging a path through a sea of backpacks than looking for tourists.
1000 points to the first person to spot Rolf Harris on a bus tour, 500 points for any other celebrity, excluding Peter Gabriel who apparently “has been known to drive through town in his sports car” instead.