SPARQLing Days and a Twinkle update

Unfortunately, despite being dead keen and a sucker for a free glass of wine, I’m not going to be able to make it to the SPARQLing days in Tuscany. Like Danny I was pleased to be invited, unfortunately the timing isn’t good. Maybe next time. I’m consoling myself with the prospect of drinking Triples in Amsterdam again this year.
My next release of Twinkle is long overdue. I got as far as supporting ARQ 0.9.3 and output of results into a table and other UI refinements, but then got side-tracked with digging further into how the API is implemented and providing Andy Seaborne with some, hopefully useful, feedback.
ARQ 0.9.4 is now available which adopts the latest syntax revisions to SPARQL (move to turtle style, dropping of FROM; not sure I agree with either, but more on that another time).
I’ll probably rush out a 0.3. release of Twinkle in the next week or so, and then aim to support querying over persistent stores for 0.4. We’ve been progressing with our triple store experiments at work and have quickly amassed about 40gb worth of data to query over (and more to follow). Should be fun to play with.

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