Twinkle: A Sparql Query Tool

In the spirit of release early and often, I’ve just uploaded the first snapshot of Twinkle, a query tool for Sparql.
Twinkle is a simple Java interface that wraps the ARQ query library that Andy Seaborne is currently building as an add-on to Jena. ARQ is still under development and is not yet a supported Jena module, but I wanted to start playing with Sparql in something other than a command-line environment. Twinkle 0.1 is built on ARQ 0.9.2, which you grab from CVS or just try the web demo.
Twinkle was inspired by Elliotte Harold’s XQuisitor which provides a simple GUI interface for playing with XQuery. XQuisitor wraps Saxon 7 which have XQuery support. I’ve shameless copied Harold’s interface as well as cribbing from the code; my Swing is a bit rusty.
Download Twinkle 0.1
In this first release the tool is just functional incorporating loading and saving of queries and results, basic text editing, alongside the basic ARQ/Jena functionality: parsing of Turtle, N3, NTriples, and RDF/XML, and generation of query results as plain text and in the Sparql Variable Binding Results XML Format. ARQ also supports other query languages, but I’ve not exposed these through the GUI.
Later releases will add better error handling (it’s pretty much non-existent at the moment), a separate thread for running queries so they can be cancelled, and various other UI improvements, e.g. showing results in a JTable.
Twinkle is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareALike Licence.
To run the tool simply download it, and run: java -jar twinkle.jar from the directory you’ve unpacked the distribution into.
Interested to hear feedback, especially bug reports. Hope others find it useful as they’re playing with Sparql.