More on Triplestore Views

A quick follow up to my Views in Triple Stores posting.
Andrew Newman describes how my requirements can be addressed within Kowari. He also noted (privately) that views are crucial for lots of use cases, pointing me at this thread on kowari-general.
Richard Cyganiak was less keen on the idea. He’s right that too wide a depth would pull in too much data, but you get the same problem with a “SELECT * FROM…” query. Just don’t do it!
I’m also don’t understand Cyganiak’s comment on my suggestion to use namespaces as a means to filter predicates: Namespaces are just that, namespaces. Don

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  1. Namespaces and vocabulary partitioning

    Continuing a thread about views in triple stores.
    Leigh Dodds pointed out the need for something like SQL’s views in RDF stores, and suggested vocabulary namespaces as a partitioning mechanism:
    The […] subset may be created by filtering out th…

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