From Lists to Social Content Engines

I started this essay last week on the train between Bath and Oxford, but then got side-tracked with writing up my XTech 2005 submissions and fighting off a nasty stomach bug before finishing it.
Poking into my aggregator this morning I was interested to see

2 thoughts on “From Lists to Social Content Engines

  1. Listmania

    Leigh Dodds talks about lists. The problem with is that it doesn’t make ordered lists easily (you can’t simply move items up or down). Webjay does this, as playlists need to be reordered, but quite awkwardly. It would be nice if these list …

  2. Lists as semantic and social interfaces

    Maybe someday I’ll be able to use Leigh’s post to help explain why I’ve suggested that the iCite net, as an online list service, will be usable both as a semantic web and as a social network platform. . .

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