PhotoBlogFeeds Scutterplan

Danny was looking for an easy way to generate a scutterplan from his PhotoBlogFeeds page on the ESW wiki (see Danny’s posting for background).
I pointed him at the FOAFBulletinBoard which provides a quick and dirty way to create scutterplans collaboratively. Anyone can add links to a Wiki page and all you need is a bit of Tidy+XSLT+URL Chaining to convert that page into RDF.

I’ve created an XSLT script that convert the relevant page into RDF. It relies on the class='external' attributes that the ESW wiki adds to external links to find the links that become rdfs:seeAlso references.
The transform also sniffs for w3photo URLs and automatically ensures that these get piped through Danny’s w3photo.xsl to ensure that RDF processors will only see an RSS 1.0 view of the data rather than the RSS 2.0 that the site pumps out by default.
View this link to see the automatically generated scutterplan.
I love URL chaining.

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