Hailstones and the Barry Tornado

We had a cracking storm this afternoon the sky went dark, thunder, lightning, the full monty. It didn’t last that long, but shortly afterwards I heard some bangs and thuds from outside as it started to hail. Hard.

What you can see here fell in the space of a couple of minutes — the time it took
me to pick up the camera and go to the back door. I didn’t dare venture outside as the hailstones were the size of pennies; literally:

I think I’d have had a very sore head if I’d have gone outside. The noise from the old plastic roofing we’ve got on our out-house was deafening, I thought it was going to come down around my ears.
The storm didn’t last long though, and there were no further incidents throughout the rest of the afternoon. I was just catching up with the news (I’ve had my head in my laptop writing all day) when I learned there was a tornado spotted on the Bristol channel this afternoon. Seems it was seen around 1.30pm. The date on my pictures was 1.53pm, so I’m guessing the dark skies, thunder and lightning must have roughly coincided with the tornado with the hail following shortly thereafter.

One thought on “Hailstones and the Barry Tornado

  1. I hid inside! Was the same in Bristol, I meant to get a photo but… you managed to so I don’t feel bad for missing it. Opened the window for a few seconds, and regretted it…

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