Nice Big Graphs

My first interesting find via Minding the Planet which I added to my aggregator today courtesy of Dave Beckett is The Opte Project, “mapping the internet in a single day”. No doubt everyone and their uncle have already seen this, but it’s new to me.

Some gorgeous graphs generated using Large Graph Layout, “a compendium of applications for making the visualization of large networks and trees tractable“. Wonder how it’d cope with some FOAF data?
The file formats don’t support bi-directional linking, so reciprocal foaf:knows relationships would have to be highlighted with different weights. It’d be fun to try different colour schemes, e.g based on shared interests, affiliations, or other clustering mechanism.
I’ve played with the Touchgraph LinkBrowser a bit for visualising raw RDF graphs (hooking up a Jena Model Event handler to create nodes; only took an hour or two), but things get messy pretty quickly. The basic link browser seems limited in what styling you can apply to nodes. I think the Googlebrowser is slightly more sophisticated, but the source isn’t available from the site; the Semaview FOAF browser is based on that version of the code, I believe.