Her Name is Martha

Martha Louise Dodds to be precise, and she was born at 1.58pm this afternoon weighing 7lb 12oz. Mother and baby are both doing really well, and Martha already seems deeply interested in her new environment. So much so that she’s preferred having a good look around rather than sleeping. I snapped the following photo when she had a brief nap this afternoon.
Daddy’s little girl
Her big brother has shown an interest too and has already had a cuddle with his little sister.
Personally, I’m cracking open a few beers to wet the baby’s head. That is, if I can drink past this big fat grin!

7 thoughts on “Her Name is Martha

  1. It’s great to see that the Dodds Corporation is showing continued growth and productivity. My heartfelt congratulations to the two chief executives for another quality delivery on schedule and on budget!
    All the best to you both.

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