MS Bloggers in FOAF; Java Bloggers Next?

Dan Brickley has written up a note on the FOAF Wiki about using the foaf:weblog property, pointing to an OPML listing of Microsoft bloggers.
I wrote a little XSLT stylesheet to do this conversion automatically. And here are some sample results. See the Wiki page for more details.
Interestingly Matt Biddulph’s Chumpologica accepts a very similar RDF format.
It would be interesting if more blogging communities were to publish FOAF data like this. Are you folk at javablogs listening?

4 thoughts on “MS Bloggers in FOAF; Java Bloggers Next?

  1. With meta-information in our wiki (Labels) in 1.0, and as we support RDF (DAML) already, we support FOAF in 1.0 too I think 🙂 SnipSnap will then automatically create FOAF for users.

  2. Hi Stephan, that would be create. Having shared software automatically create FOAF is very useful.
    Looking at the label documentation I notice that you’ve considered defining projects and membership labels. This would map well to foaf:Project and
    I’ll be interested to see this progress. Any time frame for the 1.0 version? 🙂

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